Tartine style sourdough

Tartine style sourdough

After seeing the recipe posted all over I decided to try the Tartine style loaf from WeekendBakery 

You can see the recipe here http://www.weekendbakery.com/posts/our-version-of-tartine-style-bread/ but I will outline them below. I used my starter fed with KA WW.

Ingredients for the Poolish
25 g wheat (bread) flour
25 g whole wheat flour
10 g sourdough culture
45 g water (room temperature)
Ingredients for the Tartine Style Bread
makes 1 loaf
    the poolish from step 1
350 g wheat (bread) flour
40 g whole wheat flour
240 g water part 1
20 g water part 2
6.5 g (sea) salt

For the bread flour I used a mix of KA Bread flour and a locally milled wheat bread flour that still has some chunks of bran left in it. KA WW was used for the ww portion.

Made the poolish, and left it at room temp for 12 hours. 

Added the other ingredients except for the salt and water part 2 and left to autolyse for about 20 minutes. Then added the salt and the small amount of water (part 2). Left to rest 30 mins then do 6 stretch and folds every 30 minutes. 

I shaped it into a boule and put it in a proofing basket for 2.5 hours until it passed the poke test.

Preheated oven at 465F and set up a crude steam. Slashed loaf. The recipe called for baking this 45 mins in a 445F oven. Mine only went about 22 minutes. I baked the loaf on a preheated baking steel I keep in the oven as this is where i bake everything.


Here it is, I forgot to take a crumb shot but you can see it got very excited in the oven

It had a nice airy holy crumb and worked well. 

Source: Fresh Loaf