Tarwe Volkoren Suurdesembrood

Tarwe Volkoren Suurdesembrood

Submitted by Reynard on July 24, 2015 – 10:23am.

Have just taken this baby out of the oven. Boy am I relieved. Well, so far… 😉

Have given up (temporarily) on my fractious Pain de Campagne – there’s only so many of them that you can eat before getting bored. I thought I’d try another recipe that caught my eye, as my mum is Belgian and has been hankering after breads that we can’t get here in the UK…


What I liked was it has some things I haven’t done before (poolish, whole wheat sourdough) and some things that I’m having trouble with in the Pain de Campagne recipe (stretch & fold, shaping).

I used the website’s recipe scaler to give me a 600g loaf, so that I could bake it in my chicken brick. The only changes I made was instead of using all wholemeal flour, I used half wholemeal, half granary, and I proved the shaped loaf in the chicken brick. Otherwise I followed the method and recipe pretty well much exactly.

After a 45 minute bake, I have a loaf that smells good and has a nice crispy crust. And if it tastes as good as it smells, I think I’m on to a good one…

Crumb shot will have to wait till tomorrow as I still have some bread that wants eating. Am keeping everything crossed that I won’t have any whopping big holes in it. At the moment, I’m just so thrilled that it isn’t wonky! 😀

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