Telling People about Teenagers in Rehab

Once parents have decided to look here for Red Rock Canyon School and enroll troubled teenagers in the program, they may have yet another struggle in front of them. Since this program is an in-patient one, relatives and friends will want to know where the teenager went. While at first parents may feel as though that is not any of these individuals’ business, they should keep in mind that it is a reasonable question to ask. Before parents leave teenagers at the program, the two may want to have an honest conversation about how to tackle this situation. In fact, teenagers may want to say goodbye to relatives and friends before going into the program.

When parents do not give their teenagers the opportunity to say goodbye, they imply that something shameful exists about the program or about strugging with this particular issue. This situation ends a negative tone to the recovery process as teenagers feel a lack of support. Even if parents have to field tough questions later from relatives and friends, at least they have shown teenagers the tremendous amount of support that is available. When teenagers enter into a rehab program, the parents become shields back at home, ready to defend criticism, but also ready to answer questions with great strength.

Parents should recognize that they do not need to reveal all of their personal details to these interested individuals. Instead, they can just let people know that the teenagers are doing well in the program and that the family is looking forward to the future together. Furthermore, parents do not need to treat all of these individuals in exactly the same way. They may, for example, choose to share more information with grandparents. However, parents should also respect their teenagers’ wishes. When teens are done with the program, they want to return to a home filled with trust, not one where people are constantly staring at them and scrutinizing every detail of their past. Knowing what information to share and when to share it is a decision that the family will really need to reach as a unit.