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Raw Food Diets And Why You Should Try It When you are consuming food that is still raw, you are actually benefiting from the raw food diet. If you have exposed the food to at least 115 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature, then it can’t be called a raw food anymore, yet if it is exposed to temperature lower than that it is called a raw food. If you decide to try raw living then you will be able to appreciate that when you are taking in nutrients that are unchanged as well as enzyme that have not been exposed to warm temperatures then your body will be able to achieve the needed nutrients much faster. The toxins that are present in your body will be easily eliminated and the free radicals that are in the body are neutralize whenever you eat on raw food because the antioxidant that it has is really great in doing all these things. If you are consuming on Dairy Free Raw Foods, you will be happy to realize that you will be eliminating the harmful toxins that are present in your body that is the culprit why there are age related diseases as well as many other common ailments. It is really necessary that you consume only raw foods because these type of foods will greatly help in the prevention of the aging process. Raw Food Diet Variations
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The following are some of the changes in the raw diet: raw omnivorous, raw vegetarian and raw vegan. Each type of the different diet has restrictions, but the common thing in them is that they are all focus in the fact that raw food is consumed.
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Raw Vegan Diet This is the type that you will be happy to learn about because it is the healthiest type to do in the bunch, and though the strictest, it is also the most popular one. So when you decide to become what this is all about, be prepared to consume spices and herbs, sprouts, and raw fruits and vegetables. It is good to point out that most of the ingredients when you are going with this type of diet can be found over the internet or you can buy them in the stores selling healthy foods. In the raw vegetarian diet, you will be able to eat foods that are made up of eggs, dairy as well as honey and it is not as strict as that of the vegan diet. Raw Omnivorous Diet Foods that have colorants or preservatives in them are not to be consumed in diets that involved the raw omnivorous one, yet you will be allowed to eat any animal products for that matter and that what makes this type less strict than the rest.