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Enjoy What Mexican Foods Are By Visiting Mexican Restaurant If you think that you already know what a real Mexican flavor is about, then you better think again. Many outsiders are actually conjuring the images of tacos, burritos and chimichangas whenever they think of Mexican food. There are many more dishes that Mexican foods could offer and if you wish to feast on a more authentic Mexican dish, then you must try any of these delicacies at a Mexican restaurant. Number 1. Tacos Arabes – for those who are living in village of Puebla, which is located in greater Mexico City, the Arab tacos are very popular food of choice. This has pork, which is out of the Islamic faith that’s seasoned with pineapple and dried chili. In the flour tortilla called as Pan Arabe and shaved on a split is where the pork is placed. And on top of deliciously cured meat, you are going to find a very flavorful tribute to the Middle-Eastern culture in form of fried potatoes, dill pickles and garlic mayonnaise. Number 2. Chilaquiles – similar to nachos, the American movie theatre standard and football, chilaquiles also contain toasted corn tortilla base that’s smothered in spicy native Mexican sour cream alternative, crema, hot green salsa, as well as shredded chicken. When compared to the Tex-Mex institution, the Mexican restaurants are not keen on putting more cheese or even beans to the mix.
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Number 3. Torta Cubana – tortas are the specialized sandwiches that are made from a warm soft bread that is filled to edges with all kinds of cheese and meat and is accented with pickles, mayo, onions and avocados. As a matter of fact, they could be anything you wish them to be such as American poboy, sub or hoagie.
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Number 4. Enchiladas Verdes – this means green and covered in chili in Spanish that lives up to its name. Here, the “green” in green enchiladas is the green salsa lacquered on top of the corn tortilla that is filled with chicken and covered with white cheese and touch of cream on top. Number 5. Pozole – actually, the pozole is an ancient Aztec dish that is passed down from one generation to the other. Ingredients like hominy chicken, pork and vegetables are stewed and simmered until the hominy is soft and that broth has already absorbed the flavor of meat. To serve, simply fill the bowl halfway and top the pozole using lettuce, radish, chili as well as onions. Once done, add several spices to the mix to be able to influence the flavor and also, don’t forget to dot it with bit of lime. Mexican restaurants can let you experience real Mexican foods like these.