The Average Ellipctial Machine is Boring- Here’s Why

Ellipticals are popular because they manage to work out the upper body and the lower body at the same time. They are a pretty flexible machine because of this, and many of the better brands are constantly flying off the shelf.

It also helps that an elliptical rarely forces any kind of strain on the body. Now, this may seem counter-productive, but it really isn’t. Unlike a lot of workout equipment, elliptical are passively enjoyed. They don’t force strong muscle stress and tension. They don’t require some kind of flexible acrobatic work. Users stand up, run, and work out their body. In short, it is the perfect beginner workout accompaniment. Users can even adjust the settings with a single dial. Is it too hard? Bring it down. Make it more accessible.

Does it get any better than that? For individuals just starting to workout after years of, well, not, the answer is no. Due to the popularity of the elliptical, there are millions of options- quite literally. A consumer can purchase an elliptical for $100 or $25,000, and they both serve some type of purpose.

The focus here is on the mid-market elliptical. This is an elliptical that can be bought for a modest price, but it is mostly average. It has many of the main features, including a system dial to adjust the intensity. It may even have a calorie reader. But, it lacks a lot of the bells and whistles that make some elliptical rise above the competition.

The SOLE E35 is one such elliptical that beats out every average option on the market. It is far better built. It feels powerful yet smooth. It has what is called a “quiet drive system.” The basis of the system means that all actions are rhythmic and smooth. There is never any jerky movement or strong non-subtle shifting that occurs when the setting is changed.

Anyone who has used an average elliptical knows that it feels the strain when switching the intensity. It feels cheap and used. The Sole E35 is incredibly brisk and smooth, which allows for a very smooth and uninterrupted workout. That can mean a lot of beginners who need no distractions. Visit for more on the best elliptical on the market.