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Tequila and How to Choose One Have you ever found yourself on the confusing side of shopping for tequila simply because there were so many types to choose from? If you understand some basic concepts about this type of tequila, it might be a little easier to select one next time. For example, there are about 1,000 different types of this drink, but they originate from the blue agave plant. White tequila is one of the first types you should educate yourself about. An oak barrel or stainless steel barrel is used to age this type of alcohol in less than 60 days. Once the alcohol has been stored or bottled, it is immediately ready for sale. Young tequila is created when you mix either aged or extra-aged tequila with silver tequila. The variety of materials that this can be flavored with includes: any kind of sugar-based syrup, but also oak extract, glycerin or caramel coloring.
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If tequila is aged for more than two months in only oak barrels, then it’s known as rested and is another type of alcohol. A lot of alcohol can be produced using this method, since they can use any size of barrel.
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There is another type of tequila that is known for its age, since it is aged for at least a year in a small oak barrel, and it’s known as aged or vintage. The final type of alcohol in the tequila catalog is aged for a minimum of three years, before it can be prepared for sale. Because of its effect on the alcohol, oak barrels are used solely in this process as well. You can consider the basics of these alcohol flavorings, but keep in mind that the additional ingredients are going to change it for nearly the 1,000 different selections. For example, white tequila is bold and harsh, especially for the inexperienced drinker. The smoothness of the rested or vintage tequila might be easier for them to drink. The delicious flavors can also be more complex in those last two, and taste great. As a recipe ingredient, the alcohol will cook off, but it can have some interesting effects if you don’t pay attention while you enjoy it with family and friends. Drink responsibly and safely and be aware of how strong it is. The online information will be a great start if you want to learn about the classification categories that are applied to tequila overall. You might also want to check out tequila reviews to see what other customers have to say. You can use this site and others to find out which are the best brands and what comes at the best price.