The Different Ways An Inversion Table Can Help You

Tens of millions of Americans are currently suffering from back pain. In some cases, this pain can be so excruciating that the person is unable to move. If you’re dealing with back pain and poor mobility, you should consider investing in an inversion table. Unlike pain relieving drugs, inversion tables work to reduce and treat back pain. The following are a few of the benefits you can receive from using one of these unique devices.

Inversion tables are primarily used to help relieve back pain. Those who suffer with back pain generally turn to over-the-counter pain relievers. These drugs only help to stave off the pain temporarily. An inversion table works to treat the pain by targeting the spine. With regular use, an inversion table can re-hydrate the fluids between your spinal discs and relax your back muscles.

Aside from back pain, inversion tables are used to help relieve stress as well. Plenty of people deal with emotional and physical stress every day. You might have a job that requires you to work your body day in and day out. To ease this stress many people turn to massage therapy; however, an inversion table sort of works like a masseuse. The inversion method allows for gravity to stretch your spine and ease tension in your shoulders, back and neck.

Your flexibility will also improve with continued use of your inversion table. Like many Americans, you probably spend your days sitting in an office chair typing away at a computer. Prolonged sitting can cause your lower back to stiffen, which could lead to mobility issues. As you get older it’ll also become more difficult to bend and twist your body. You can improve your mobility and remain active by using an inversion table. Simply lie on the table, invert yourself, and allow gravity to stretch your spine and muscles.

These are just a few of the ways an inversion table can benefit you. You can find more info about inversion therapy on our website Again, inversion therapy is great for relieving and reducing back pain. These tables can also be used to relieve physical and mental stress. With enough use, your flexibility will also increase. Inversion tables can be used every day for just a few short minutes.