The Good Days Are Back

Well, the house may not be completed inside or outside however it sure smells good with Pam’s baked breads. Today she made bread to eat with dipping oil, braided bread and a small pizza. All I can say is good times have returned. For those who may not be familiar with dipping bread it is usually small pieces of bread sliced up to allow one to dip the bread into an oil and eat it in one bit. Generally, you could consider dipping bread to be a sort of flat bread or in some cases you could use normal white bread cut into cubes. I personally prefer the baked flat breads. In this case Pam made fancy dipping bread with spices on it.

The dipping oils used consist of an olive oil base with spices saturated into it. The longer you leave it sit the better it gets. You can purchase multi-containers of dipping spices in stores such as Kitchen Connection, etc. The price of the spices is very reasonable running approximately $6.00 or so. In the cylinder you get several different spice varieties which adds greatly to you enjoyment of the dipping session.

Her other loaf of bread was made into a braided loaf similar to Italian bread or Baggett style. There was no favors (spices) added so it should be excellent for adding some ham and cheese to or for that matter eating it simply with some homemade butter. Any type of homemade bread is usually far superior to the store bought versions. At least you won’t hear me complain.

Her pizza was a simple cheese style pizza with added spices on it. Now, I am not a pizza fan however this pie tasted good. It had some delightful flavor in it and the marinara sauce she used was not harsh as the normal pizza sauce. All in all it came out very good for an experiment. Well worth keeping.

Finally, with all these delightful treats I decided to drink a few glasses of wine, grab my dipping oil and the dipping bread and spend some time on the front porch. It was a relaxing experience and since I will be getting my lawn mower back from the shop late in the afternoon, I will likely postpone cutting the grass until tomorrow. You know what that means, more dipping bread with oil along with a few extra glasses of wine. Life can be so great when you want it to be.

Source by Joseph Parish