The Great Law – Part I – The Science of Threpsology – Digestion

The modern diet of man is starch, starch, starch, morning afternoon, and evening. It seems to be a non-stop progression. I have spoken to people and have asked, if they had there starch today? They all have said yes, and after their starch day, they have all felt sluggish after eating three starched meals the other day. So I explained the the overworked organs are doing and how the body is responding to their bad choices.

The starch is insoluble and unassailable and can not be utilized by the body, until it becomes soluble and assailable by a chemical change which converts it from starch into dextrin, and then into glucose. In the last name state it is ready for absorption into the blood and assimilation by the cells. We must stop the chaotic state of affairs we put our organs through, or we will wear them out as is the case of the walking dead in your hospitals.

Note: The chemical change that converts starch into glucose cannot occur in the body except in an alkaline medium. This medium is only found in saliva of the mouth, and in the intestinal juice of small, second stomach, but not in acid juices of the main stomach.

Starch will be settled in the main stomach, undergoing all the mechanical process of the digestive and mix and turning movements, but making no chemical change except that of harmful fermentation. It then will pass onto the small second stomach, to undergo a second process before it is chemically changed into glucose and made assailable. With this fermentation we are creating a brewery vessel.

Fact: man is consuming far more starch than the body needs. The digestion of such quantities of starch, composing the major portion of the modern diet, by an organ so small as the second stomach performs all the labor of the digestive process, but accomplishes practically no results, meaning wasted work and exhausted organs. The defective material that results from the process supplies a poor quality nourishment.

Physiologists have taught that starchy foods are largely digested in the mouth. This result insured by a thorough mastication and in salivation. Experimental test have proven this erroneous.

Look at McDonalde’s nutritional information. Their meals are bad food combinations, and encouraging individuals to eat anything. All you get is starch, protein, and sugar mixed together. You do not mix starch and protein. The above mixture produces alcohol in the stomach. It would take four hours to digest, and while in the stomach fermentation results creating a chemical reaction similar to a bomb that will explored. Another four hours of eating more starch for lunch, a non-toasted bread with meat, sugared soft drink such as a soda, salted chips, creating more fermentation. We continue on the the evening for dinner with more starch with the wrong mix of starch and proteins and sugar which is desert. Then many people add the real deal by having a drink of alcohol such as beer, scotch and soda, extra. You know the drinks.

Composition of the Body is not known by many. Nor do we know how to nourish the body. Our body is a chemical compound, and science says it is composed of the following elements:

1. Oxygen – 72.00

2. Carbon – 13.50

3. Hydrogen – 9.10

4. Nitrogen – 2.50

5.Calcium – 1.30

6. Phosphorus – 1.15

7. Sulfur – 0.1476

8. Sodium – 0.10

9. Chlorine – 0.085

10. Fluorine – 0.080

11. Potassium – 0.026

12. Magnesium – 0.012

13. Iron – 0.010

14. Silicon – 0.0002

15. Iodine, zinc, copper, lead, aluminum – Trace

Total = 100

The minerals we need are found on the periodic table:

























These minerals can be taken in liquid form in the angstrom condition. There are several people selling them. I recommend David Wolfe’s products. The angstrom is considered the smallest particle element that will pass on to the cell. Where are these elements found so the body can use them for our nourishment? What foods contain these elements? We can get these vital nutrients from nuts and fruits, and non-starchy vegetables.

Oxygen: an abundance are contained in fresh fruits and vegetables that is dissolved in water. A very low amount of oxygen are found in foods that are heavily processed, cooked, and preserved through canning.

Carbon: we can list all foods.

Hydrogen: all nourishing foods contain this element. this element is stored in our tissues. Science knows this as the lightest and smallest element, traveling throughout the body. Is hydrogen the ultimate antioxidant.

You’ll fine this in Goji Berries, grasses and Açaí Berrie.

Nitrogen: Fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, radish, and spinach have the highest amounts of this element.

Calcium: orange juice, nuts and seeds, almond, sesame seed, Asian cabbage, bok choy, kale, broccoli, Asian foods such as sea cucumber, seaweed.

Phosphorus: almonds, silvered pumpkin/squash, kernels, bok choy, and cabbage are excellent for your choice.

Sulphur: Asparagus, broccoli, avocado, brussel sprouts, blue berries, cabbage, caluiflower, carrots, garlic, grapes, kale, leeks, nuts and seeds, shallot, swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, water cress.

Sodium: nearly all foods contained some sodium. Low in sodium is unsalted fresh vegetables, and most fresh fruits.

Chlorine: Most all foods.

Potassium: raisins, prunes, apricots, dates, straw berries, bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe,, beets, greens, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms.

Magnesium: raw almonds, spinach, avocado, raw hazelnuts.

Iron: pumpkin seeds, nuts, spinach, prune juice, raisins, and prunes

Silicon: Ground flax seeds, green vegetables.

Zinc: raw cashes, raw pecans, raw almonds, and ginger root.

Iodine: sea salt, sea weeds, and dark green vegetables.

Copper: raw cashews, raw sunflower seeds, raw hazelnuts, raw almonds, organic peanut butter, and mushrooms.

After reading Herewood Carrington’s book, Natural Food for Man, Nuts and Fruit, and David Wolfe and company’s book, Nature’s First Law, The Raw Food Diet, and other ancient scriptures and text of the 17th-19th century, concerning what is proper for man’s physical chemical constitution, I have been eating according to the Great Law, and my body says thank you. My study with Dr. Anne Wigmore at the Hypocrites Health Institute in Boston in the 70,s and early 90,s before she died from smoke inhalation was surely on her way to live for 120 years. I remember her saying, “I will never understand why people cook their food.” Raw is the sensible way to go. Long before I read the above mentioned titles I would detox the body either through herb cleanse, colic irrigations, and long fast. “LRH Rundowns” is a great detox program if you have the money to spare. The change in my thought patterns and alertness changes for the better. Getting A’s on exams was a breeze. My quickness of feet was exhilarating. When fasting, being free of all chemical preservatives, you accomplish more and sleep less. My diet consisted on nuts and fruit. I could feel the difference in less than a week. I decided to give up starch being the dominate food of man. I learned the affects of starch on the body, and how it made me feel at times in a high state of drunkenness, where my concentration level was weakened. My thought patterns did not connect at super speeds as when on a nut and fruit diet.

Study how the body digest food and how the stomach takes great effort to digest food in hours time as opposed to eating light nut and fruit will result in super mind. The diet will change one’s behavior. What are the chemical constituents of nuts and fruits, and does it supply the body with elements of the universe because we are the microcosms of macrocosm. I consulted the authors of antiquity, and they all agree that fruits and nuts are the natural food for man, and by far the larger proportion of the nutritive elements of man’s natural food is digested in the man’s natural food is digested in the main stomach.

When people avoid starch food while ill, especially from the digestive organs are well again from an exclusively non-starch diet. There is evidence to show that a non-starch diet is man’s physiological structure and requirement. Invalids are given toasted bread until it is brown which converts most of the starch into dextrin one part of the digestion is complete before it enters the stomach. The order of things follow that sweet fruits are removed one step beyond thoroughly toasted bread; the principle part is already glucose, converted in riping by the natural rays of the sun.

Follow the digestive process of (1)bread: dextrin into (2)glucose and (a) before the body can use it, and (b) before it reaches the natural state of sweat fruits. Make note: Starchy food are of a dry nature, rapidly absorbing the fluids of the body. This leads to (a) constipation and (b) excessive drinking of water and other fluids. Sweat fruits are not only juicy but they contain specific acids that are essential. These acids purify the the blood promoting activity of the liver and kidneys, and induce a natural flow of intestinal and rectal fluids.

Source by C. Manuel Grace