The Green Coffee Bean Diet and What You Should Know

What are green coffee beans? They are regular coffee beans that have not been roasted for used in the traditional hot beverage or fancy coffee drinks. The extract from green coffee beans contain a substance known as chlorogenic acid known to help burn stored fat. It is like a smart acid that signals your liver to concentrate on burning existing fat stores. Stored fat is fat you get around your belly and that causes love handles. Both of these problems are stubborn and difficult to combat. The following information will provide you with things you should know about The Green Coffee Bean Diet.

The Benefits

Since green coffee beans are not roasted, they retain the essential benefits of chlorogenic acid. Regular coffee has significantly less chlorogenic acid making it less effective for weight loss. You won’t see the weight loss results from conventional coffee like you will from green coffee bean extract. This acid helps to burn stored fat whether you exercise or not, but moderate exercise will increase the fat-burning properties of this kind of product. You will see results faster if you at least take a 30-minute walk three days a week.

The Side Effects

You should always be aware of the side effects of any kind of weight loss product. Even when you are using natural weight loss products like green coffee bean extract, it is important to have all the facts. Currently, there are no known side effects from using this kind of product. Naturally, it is important to follow the instructions and use the product as directed to prevent any adverse side effects that may occur. If you have an allergy to coffee, it is not advisable to use this kind of weight loss program.

Besides weight loss benefits, green coffee bean products provide you with ample and powerful antioxidants for fighting free radicals and it helps to lower your blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar levels. Most people who have used this natural resource for weight loss find it effective and tolerate it well. It has been rated as an excellent way to lose unwanted, stubborn fat by those many have used it. Always check with your doctor before you begin any kind of weight loss program.