The Greenstein-Snyder Gang returns to Alfanso's kitchen

The Greenstein-Snyder Gang returns to Alfanso's kitchen

Not to be confused with the Lansky-Luciano Gang.

I was okay at best with my first try at the Jewish Sour Rye bread the other day, and learned a lot.  But I was anxious to get back Jack and Do It Again.  And there were lessons learned, which I applied here.

I made the rye sour from some of the leftover ball of rye starter from the other day.  20g along with 375g rye and 375g water.  One stage build – 5 1/2 hours to complete.

Lessons applied:

  • 2 x 725g batards
  • don’t bother with the corn meal on the bottom – just gets messy
  • Give these beasts plenty of room to grow for their proof
  • have all my mise en place
  • didn’t bother with any alternate scoring
  • bumped the amount of caraway seeds by ~50% (I like them!)
  • didn’t toss out the cornstarch glaze during baking so was able to apply final sheen. 

Overall, I have to say that I am pleased with the improvement between the first try and this bake.

Here are the boys just after steam was released


And the final product

Source: Fresh Loaf