The Right Shoes Promote Activity

By now, almost everyone has heard that we should be walking at least 10,000 steps every day. This isn’t just a number that researchers pulled out of nowhere. They actually had people walk around with pedometers to measure how much they move, and then compared that information to how healthy they were over time. For many women, 10,000 steps a day is completely unrealistic and potentially unhealthy because of the shoes they spend much of their day wearing. The right walking shoes for women can make moving around more comfortable while still looking great.

It’s always important to consider how a given walking shoe feels to you. There are general categories for how supportive a shoe is or how much it’s designed to keep you from rolling your foot outward, but even knowing that you prefer a particular category doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll like all of the shoes in it. Reviews are a great way of finding out more about how a shoe feels before you go looking to buy it so that you can narrow down your choices. In the end, though, you should plan to wear something around the house for a little while to make sure it feels good so that you still have the option of returning it if it starts to bother you.

Looks are actually a very important feature for a walking shoe. Just like the best exercise is whichever one you’ll actually do, a great shoe is one that you’re actually willing to wear. The most comfortable shoe in the world isn’t going to do you any good if it goes against your sense of style so strongly that you can’t bear to wear it in public. Fortunately, shoe companies make a wide variety of styles to go with the different fits, so you shouldn’t worry that you won’t be able to find something that meets both your fashion needs and your physical ones.

Wearing comfortable walking shoes is a good first step in encouraging yourself to be more active. Shoes that aren’t designed to feel good when you move around are going to discourage you from getting the activity that you need to be healthy. Staying active and feeling great starts with creating an environment that makes it easy.