The Simple Diet – as Simple as It Sounds

The purpose of the Simple Diet is to reduce the calorie intake to a safe level than can be tolerated. The diets that provide up to 1500 calories per day are usually good for everyone. This diet allows dieters to plan their own breakfast, lunch, and dinner by selecting the food from a list.

The foods may be exchanged between them but the number of calories should not go over the 1200 calorie limit. Dieters should not eat more than four meals per day.

Dieters may have for breakfast a fruit, a glass of milk, two slices of bread, or two floury products. As a snack, dieters can have a fruit, a glass or milk, or a floury product. Lunch includes two pieces of meat, a vegetable, a fruit, two slices of bread, two floury products, or some fats. Dinner consist of three pieces of meat, two slices of bread, two floury products, some fat, a vegetable, and a fruit.

The fruits that are allowed for the Simple Diet have sixty calories and fifteen grams of glucides. Dieters may have a cup of huckleberries, a fruit cocktail, a cup of blackberries, a cup of fresh pineapple, two dates, a pear, grape juice, half a banana, grapefruit juice, melon, four apricots, a peach, lemon, raisins , dried apricots, orange, raspberry, ten strawberries, three prunes, twelve sweet cherry, apples, and dried prunes.

Dieters may eat twenty-five grams of calories, five grams of glucides, and five grams of proteins. The recommended dosage is roughly found in a mug of raw vegetables or half a mug of boiled vegetables and may consist in pumpkin ,adish, peppers, green bean, tomatoes, cucumbers, turnip cage, beet, chicory, spinach, celery, mushrooms, peace , carrots, garlic, cabbage, and cauliflower.

The floury products may include a cup of rice, biscuits, pancakes, pasta, pretzels, bread, muffins, white bean boiled, popcorn, white potatoes, and cereals. For proteins, dieters may consume is pork, lamb chops, lean beef, chicken, fish, or shells. As meat replacements, dieters can eat low fat cheese, sweet cheese, bean, soy, and eggs.

The fats that are allowed for the Simple Diet include a spoon of cheese with cream, three large olives, mayonnaise, up to ten nuts, a teaspoon of margarine, two tablespoons of coconut, a slice of ham, seeds, and a teaspoon of oil .

Source by Vicky Lynum