The Truth About Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a fear of nearly every woman, most commonly during a pregnancy. These unsightly, jagged lines can be a real embarrassment to anyone who gets them and they be a real nuisance to eliminate. But there are ways to reduce your chances of getting stretch marks and effective treatments for those you may already have. Here is some more information about stretch marks.

What They Are

Stretch marks are the scars left behind by the tearing of the middle layer of skin known as the dermis. These marks can be slightly raised or indented, and are typically red or purple when they first appear. Once they begin to fade they will turn to a shiny silver or white.

Who is at Risk

A recent study has shown that genetics play a large role in who gets stretch marks and who does not. Both men and women of any age are susceptible. Stretch marks occur when a period of growth occurs too quickly for the skin to comfortably accommodate. This could be during pregnancy but it could also be due to weight gain and bloating as a side effect to medication or even during a pronounced growth spurt in a child or teenager.

How to Prevent Them

Obviously, maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding quick weight loss is one method. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of zinc and Vitamins B, C and E will promote good skin health. Apply a good moisturizer frequently and exercise to improve blood circulation.

How to Erase Them

If you have existing stretch marks, you may be frustrated with many of the products on the market that claim to remove stretch marks. The reality is that many of these creams and lotions just do not work. Instead of wasting money on products that do not work, check out instead.

Stretch marks are unattractive and annoying, but they do not have to be an embarrassment. They are a common issue nearly everyone will deal with at some point. It is possible to avoid some, if not all stretch marks and it is equally possible to eliminate those ones that do show up. Learn more today so you can again feel good about your skin.