The Unique Traits Of Sushi And Sashimi Knives

You might be wondering which type of knife you need if you are cutting sushi or sashimi. There is actually a big difference in the blades used to cut these two types of sushi. If you are cutting sushi then you need to get a high-carbon steel blade that can withstand cutting fish, vegetables and the roll itself. A sashimi knife is only designed to cut fish, so the blade is not the same as a sushi knife. You will notice a difference when you are cutting them. The one bad thing about sushi knives is that they are made from steel, which rusts easily. The positive side to using sushi knives is that they can attain a much sharper edge than a sashimi knife. It is much easier to cut through vegetables and rolls with a sushi knife that has been sharpened properly and is taken care of on a regular basis.

There is a rumor that left handed blades are better for cutting shell fish with, but this is not proven. Left handed blades are custom made and much more expensive than a traditional sushi knife. Unless you can absolutely not use a right handed blade you should try to stick with a regular one. Another unique trait of a sushi knife is the tang. The tang refers to the metal portion of the knife that runs down the handle. Full tang means the metal runs to the bottom of the handle, while half tang means the metal only runs halfway down the handle. A full tang blade will last much longer than a half tang because it has much more stability.

There are many places where you can buy quality knives from. Try searching the internet for a Japanese store in your area- they are sure to have some sushi knives that will work for you. If you want to find a custom blade then you are probably going to need to contact a company personally. You can relay what type of blade you are looking for and they will design it for you- at a price. Keep these useful tips in mind when you are looking for a new sushi blade.