The World's Best Recipe Article Ever Written

My grandmother passed away when I was twelve. She was born and raised in rural Amish country in Indiana. Although it was over twenty five years ago when she died, I clearly remember her and her funny ways. She had a 'davenport,' used 'rouge,' and was allergic to perfume and only used ivory soap.

She was forever pulling out her annoying vinyl measuring tape from a golden, round, wicker sewing basket with a matching lid she kept next to her sofa, or davenport. She would wrap it around my neck, my arms and my legs, taking notes to ensure the clothing she made me would fit. She always checked to see if I scrubbed behind my ears with a 'warshcloth' and her house was not child friendly, at all. She was meticulously clean, in fact she even ironed her sheets. She was responsible to me as a child, but let me tell you, that woman knew how to bake the best pie in the whole wide world.

Grandma was an awesome cook and she loved to do it. Christmas was amazing as a child. We ate on real china and drank from expensive cranberry glass goblets. She had a special dish for everything on the table and only used the nicest, freshest linens. She always baked at least three different kinds of pies and there would be cookies and candies and homemade bread and turkey and mashed potatoes with amazing gravy and stuffing. Oh, the stuffing or 'dressing.' Sorry, I need a moment to reminisce.

Some good memories there. That is what a great recipe will do, create irreplaceable memories. For twenty five years, I have longed to be again sitting at Grandmas in front of her grand Christmas spread eating a piece of one of her best pies made with the freshest ingredients. Cherry, rhubarb, strawberry, blueberry, the filling is just an after thought when you have a delicious, flaky crust. I certainly can not go back in time, but guess what, time has bought them to me. I found a box filled with her recipes at my aunts house. She was holding onto them for dear life, but what good is an amazing recipe if it is tucked in a box, unused for years and years.

I pried the magical box from my aunts white knuckles and have decided to not only cook these recipes, one at a time, but I want to share them. I love to cook a dish everyone will enjoy and come back begging for more. My children will inevitably prepare my most beloved and delicious family recipes with their children and they will be talking about how 'to die for the pie is' for generations to come. My kids love it when I make something new and exciting for them to eat and even like to help in the kitchen.

Here is a great unique dessert that is so easy to make and yes, it is from the magic box. It is called cobbler cake and you are going to love it. It is great with vanilla ice cream, whipped topping, or just a spoon.

Turn on the oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9×13 inch baking dish.

1 can of crushed pineapple 1 can of cherry pie filling 1 box of white, yellow or lemon cake, dry 7 oz shredded coconut 1 cup crushed walnuts 1 cup melted butter

First, pour the entire can of pineapple, juice and all into the grown pan. Second, empty the can of cherry pie filling over the pineapple. Next, completely cover the fruits with the dry cake mix and do not stir. Layer the coconut on top of that and then the walnuts. Drizzle the melted butter, (I use a turkey baster) over the entire thing and throw it in the oven. Yes, it is that simple. Set your timer for 70 minutes. It is done when it is golden brown and firm in the middle.

Source by Jane Carrasco