Tin loaf for light’n’healthy sandwich bread

Tin loaf for light'n'healthy sandwich bread

Submitted by greiggy on August 11, 2015 – 9:01am.

I’ve been experimenting with tin loaves — my family like a tall loaf with a light texture and this one is 10% wholemeal (100%), 10% white stoneground and 80% strong Canadian white.

I’m in the UK and my white stoneground comes from either Stoate’s in Shaftesbury or Bacheldre Mill in… Bacheldre, Powys, Wales. The 100% wholemeal for this load was a Waitrose Duchy Originals Organic. The 80% was Strong Canadian White bread flour (from Waitrose, Sainburys also do one which I think is identical).

Flour 600g Canadian, 75 g wholemeal, 75 g stoneground white

Hydration water 65%

Yeast SAF gold (see method)

Salt just under 2% it was 13 g

A pinch of diax malt and a pinch of vit C powder

Method: Basically following Peter Reinhart’s wholegrain method with a Biga-style sponge and autolysed dough. Half and half. Same hydration for each. 1/4 tsp inst. yeast in the pre-ferment. Salt added to the autolysed dough. Kept overnight or 8 hours approx at room temp.

Preferment and dough combined by hand, stretch and fold mainly, with about 15 g of slivers of cold butter worked in. (I like a little oil or butter to help the bread keep a few days.)

Two rises in the bowl, then a final proving in the tin which was a Farmhouse style deep tin, 19.5 x 11 x 11 cm (8″ x 4.5″). This amount of dough more than half filled it. Topped out when ready for the oven:


Here’s the tin coming out of the oven – a satisfactory oven spring.

And the loaf out of the tin. A hot oven? Stones? To get that spring? Now, here’s the thing. I put the tin in a cool oven and heated it up to 200 deg C. That took 30 mins. Then I reduced it to 180 deg C for the final 15 mins or so. Aluminium foil hat to keep the moisture in — removed it for the final 5 mins.

And here’s the slice. I omitted to mention that I kneaded in 100g of Sainsburys mixed seed mixture before the second rise.