Tips for Using Hair Wax

Hair wax is a styling product which is used by men to create many styles, most popularly the vintage looks from the 1950s. This type of styling aid is unlike other styling products which are supposed to help shape and hold hair without being visible. With wax, part of its allure is the “greaser” look it can provide. In order to use hair wax properly, it is essential you understand how to apply it.

Apply to Damp Hair

Before you apply any hair wax, be certain your hair is freshly washed and only slightly damp. You may need to fully dry your hair if your hair is very fine and will not hold its style.

Applying Wax

Put a dollop of the wax in the palm of your hand and rub palms together. This warms the wax, softening it some and making it easier to work with. It also distributes the wax across your fingers and palms so you can apply it by running your fingers through your hair. Applying too much hair wax for men at once causes it not to spread evenly and this will not create a good bonding with your hair. Instead, use a small amount and add more if your hair seems to need more control.

Shape and Spray

Once the hair has the amount of wax in it you want, you can begin to shape it into whatever style makes you happy. It can be slicked back into a retro ‘do or spiked into a punk look. Longer hair can be curled, chunked or left to have a messy surfer look. If you have longer hair or a specific style you want to have last through the day, you may want to add a little hairspray for added hold.

Wash Out

Hair wax has become a popular styling product for men and women because it is so versatile. It works with any hair type or hair length. It is also easy to wash out with a simple shampoo. If you have a lot of wax on your hair and find it hard to remove, apply conditioner first, rinse that out and then shampoo. With no risk of buildup on the hair, it can be used safely every day.