Tips on Selecting the Right Shoes for Walking

If you have recently begun adding a walking routine to your daily regimen, you are no doubt starting to feel healthier and stronger. Walking can be a great way for anyone to improve the health of their body without needing a lot of extra gym equipment or paying out money in health club memberships. While walking can be an economical way to get in shape, you do need to be sure you have a good pair of shoes.

Often people who begin walking on a regular basis do not realize they should have the right type of shoes for their activity. Many times this can cause them to develop sores or pain in their feet, which may make them stop walking for a period of time or completely.

People who walk on a daily basis need to have shoes designed specifically to help walkers. Unlike a runner, a walker needs shoes that are designed to be more flexible around the toes and front of the shoe. The reason for this has to do with the way a walker places his or her foot on the ground when moving. Unlike runners who put their entire foot on the ground at once, a walker tends to move more slowly and they will generally place their heel to the ground a roll their foot to the toe. To accommodate this movement, shoes must be able to bend and roll as well.

Walkers also need their shoes to be more fitted around the heel. The heel area of the shoe should drop a bit and the shoe needs to taper in around the heel area. This further supports the foot as the heel comes in contact with the surface first.

A good running shoe will offer a good amount of support but it will not be too heavy on the walker’s foot. Unlike a runner, a lot of extra cushioning or padding is not needed for a walker’s shoe.

If walk on a regular basis, you need to make sure you have the right shoes for your activity. For more details on selecting such shoes, please click here for more info.