To JMonkey

To JMonkey


I’ve made your “whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread” recipe today, and it turned out great, considering I’m just a newbie in bread making.

I would like to ask a few questions please:

  1. there is no mention of kneading. Is it a no-knead dough? or should I knead it before retarding in the fridge? (I tried, but it was a mess because of the 75% hydration). Or should I stretch and fold or something?
  2. How do you shape that wet dough? is there a specific technique that you recommend?
  3. How many hours should the shaped loaf retard in the fridge? (I did a 12h.)
  4. After cooling and cutting a slice, I found it a bit under cooked. Should I increase the baking time?
  5. Should it be baked covered or not covered? (I baked it in a foil 8.5″x11″ tin with a foil cover – I doubled your recipe)
  6. Is this the recipe you still do nowadays, or do you use an updated one now? if so, please direct me to its link.

Many thanks for your wonderful recipe. I intend to make it my regular bread recipe.

Source: Fresh Loaf