Todays Bake – 2015-08-20

Todays Bake – 2015-08-20

Submitted by fusan on August 20, 2015 – 5:21am.

I used my normal Method to make these loaves and it goes like this…



Currently Im using Dabrownman’s method because it is so easy and versatile. You can adept it to any kind of flour and build it up just the way you like to without it affecting the mother. You dont need to feed it every week but it allways pops to double after 4 hours on the 2cond (or 3) feed. Win, win win all the way! What more can you ask for?Mine is at 50% hydration, just to keep the math simple.



Started two days before baking, in the evening, just before I went to bed.

First feeding: Left overnight at 30 deg C (86 F)

  • 6 gram Mother
  • 8 gram Water
  • 6 gram Flour (Whole wheat and a little bit Rye)

Second feeding: Left for 5-6 hours at 30 deg C (86 F) and allmost doubled.

  • The previous feeding (20 gram)
  • 20 gram Water
  • 20 gram Flour (Whole wheat and a little Rye)

Third feedingLeft for 6 hours at 30 deg C (86 F). It had risen to 3 times its size and was used 1 hour after if retracted.

  • The previous feeding (60 gram)
  • 60 gram Water
  • 60 gram Flour (Mostly Manitoba, Whole wheat and rye)

All together 180 gram Levain



  • 180 gram Levain
  • 400 gram Flour (50 gram Spelt, 100 gram Manitoba and the rest was organic white wheat flour)
  • 540 gram Water (cold tapwater)
  • 50 gram Pecan nuts (Soaked in hot water for a two hours)
  • 18 gram Himalaya Salt



  1. A couple of hours before the the Levain was ready, I mixed the Flour and water and left it for Autolyse.
  2. After the autolyse the Levain and Salt was mixed in. I use a mixer at the lowest speed for 5-7 minutes untill the dough developed a nice Window pane.
  3. During the following 2 hours I Stretched and Folded the dough every 30 min and added the nuts at the first S&F.
  4. The last hour I gave the dough some peace ant left it to rest.
  5. Three hours after the Levain and Salt was mixed in, I gently formed the breads, put them in Bannetons with a plasticbag arround and left them in the Fridge for 12 hours.
  6. Next day I started the oven at 270 deg C (518 F) and left the oven to heat up for an hour.
  7. Took the breads out of the Fridge, Scored, and baked them for 30 minutes with a lid on top of each.



This is an interesting one, because Im on an “add sourness trip” at the moment and these loafes were not sour. What was interesting is that they had a very deep and complex flavour. They tasted a lot better than usual, but they were not very sour. I dont know what made this increase in taste, but I’ll would love to find out.