Tony Gemignani's Story on Public Radio International

Tony Gemignani's Story on Public Radio International

I heard the live, radio version of this article last night in the car. The highlight of the interview, in my opinion, was when Tony got emotional talking about how he felt when he learned that he won the competition. I was giving my daughter a ride home from lacrosse practice and we sat in the car, transfixed, as Tony explained how awesome and life-changing the experience was. Amazing.


Plus, Tony shared his recipe for dough (find it in the article). He gives measurements in mass, talks about using a poolish or “tiga” (I think he meant “biga” and somebody fat-fingered it).


Very cool. I’ll probably try making a batch of this dough for pizza sometime soon. I’d like to do it tonight but the AC power converter for my scale is having problems and I need to fix it. Argh.




Source: Fresh Loaf