Tropical levain readjusting

Tropical levain readjusting

Hello all,

I’ve been baking FWSY loaves for a couple of years now, and have been happily successful at all the recipes in the book. I have also learned to tweak and adjust flour types and fermenting times in order to make my own personal breads.

About six months ago I moved from Oregon, U.S., to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The temps here are a steady 85-95 deg. all day long and pretty much year round. I’ve been keeping an eye on my doughs and having many quality bakes with many of the recipes, except for the 100% Levain loaves. Those doughs have seen way more compost pile than the inside of my dutch ovens…

I believe that my sourdough starter is acting way too fast because of the temps, and many times the proofed dough turns into batter and failure and sad kids that don’t have homemade bread! So I’m trying to adjust some parts of my recipes. I’m starting with increasing the amount of flour that I feed my culture. The original ratios according to Forkish are 1:1:4:4 (levain: whole: white: H20) so now I’m trying 1:1:5:4. The resulting starter, when ready, is already looking less watery. 

The next step is gonna be to reduce to half the amount of levain in the final dough, but maintain the time schedule the same.


I’ll report back on this, but would welcome some viewpoints or ideas…


Taming the beast, 


Source: Fresh Loaf