Troubleshooting gummy line at the bottom of the loaf.

Troubleshooting gummy line at the bottom of the loaf.


I started baking bread about 10 months ago, and have been playing with different recipes and learning constantly along the way.  I can make pretty good baguettes, good pizza crust, and a bread that tastes great, and has a great texture, at least mostly.


I have been using the same recipe for bread for the last 3 months, no changes.  A line of gummy bread seems to happen at the bottom about 80% of the time.  Sometimes, it isn’t there at all the the loaf is very smooth all the way to the bottom. 


Since it doesn’t do it sometimes, i know it has to be something I am doing, and just not realizing it.  I below is my recipe and process so maybe you all can see the error in my ways.


KA AP: 125g

KA WW: 187g

Milk: 233g

Egg: 60g (1 egg)

Sugar: 32g

Butter: 32g

Salt 6.5g

IY: 6g


* Mix the milk, egg and KA WW flour to soak and soften the bran for 3 hours,

* Mix KA AP flour in and let autolyse for 30 minutes.

* Mix in salt, IY, and sugar, knead until stage 3 window pane, txfarmer method. Add the butter about 2 minutes in. Usually around 13 minutes total mixing time at speed 3 in the kitchenaid.

* Bulk ferment for around 1.5 hours, doing a stretch and fold halfway through.

* Shape using the double roll method described by txfarmer, load into a 9x4x4 pullman pan and proof until about 60% of the pan is full, usually about 30 minutes.

* Bake at 350f until internal temp is 205f, usually about 35 minutes.  I like to remove the pullman pan lid about 2/3 the way through the bake time. If I don’t, it seems like the bread steams too much and the crust is more like baguette crust and less like sandwich bread.


As another note, I also make this bread with just white flour, and also I have made it several times using a sourdough culture with long cold ferments, still had the same issue.  Any input is very greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Source: Fresh Loaf