Troubleshooting, starter, room temp or refrigerate?

Troubleshooting, starter, room temp or refrigerate?

I have been using the refrigerated method of storing and feeding my KAF starter. My bread never seems to rise as much as I think it should, is rather dense, small holes and rarely more than one or two large holes. I wonder if I kept it at room temperature, would that improve the bread?

I have used the KAF Rustic SD bread and the Norwich SD recipe and have had the same issues. I feed it at least once a week and bake every weekend, trying to get the desired results. If I chose to go to room temp, how often would I need to feed it?

I have been on the SD trail for about 5 months and have gotten a product close to what I want, but I have never gotten the sucess that I am looking for, less dense, holes, beautiful crust!  Is that too much to ask for? LOL!!!

Thanks in advance, this is my first time to post as I am new to this site!Q

Source: Fresh Loaf