Trying out my rye starter

Trying out my rye starter

Submitted by KathyF on July 20, 2015 – 8:51pm.

I’ve been working on establishing a rye starter. I used dark rye at 100% hydration seeded with a little of my wheat SD starter. It has been bubbling away for a couple of weeks spending some it’s time in the refrigerator. I have been using it in addition with my regular starter, but hadn’t yet tried it on it’s own. So today I decided to try a loaf of rye bread using just my rye starter. I have made rye bread before, mostly with instant yeast and once with my wheat starter, but this is the first time using just the rye starter. I keep my rye bread pretty plain as that is how my family likes it. This is what I did:

Rye starter: 140 grams
Flour: 357 grams
Rye flour: 63 grams
Water: 259 grams
Salt: 11 grams
caraway seeds: 1 teaspoon

That works out at about a total of 27% Rye flour and 67% hydration. Hmm. I should of upped the percentage of rye. That’s a bit low. Should of also used more caraway seeds. But it still came out pretty good. Makes a nice sandwich!

Here is a crumb shot: Twitter Facebook StumbleUpon