Using old wheat berries and storage?

Using old wheat berries and storage?

Submitted by sheep1 on October 9, 2015 – 10:31am.

Hi All-

I’m new to the forum, not new to baking, 100% whole grain baking is my preference.  I now am going to be getting into home milling.  I have a MockMill on order that should be arriving shortly.  Didn’t want to invest too much money, don’t have extra counter space for a counter top model, and finally, I only bake for 2 people.  I don’t use my Kitchenaid mixer very much at all since getting into long preferments and stretch and fold routines…

On to my question. Last summer, I bought some wheat berries from my local farmer’s market- and they are from the 2014 harvest.  I cooked them and used them in bread baking last year.  Well, I forgot about them and just found them while cleaning out the cupboard.  They have been stored in a paper/wax bag with a folded tie arrangement (like a coffee bag).  

Are the berries still good do you think?  

The berries I have for my upcoming milling have been put into large jars with metal bale/rubber seals as soon as the berries got home.  Hoping this is sufficient for storage in the cabinet.  My kitchen tends to run cool, 65 or lower in the winter, about 70-75 in the summer.  

Part of the way I justified the purchase of a mill was because I’ve read that berries last longer than flour.  I had to dump some expensive flour from Anson Mills that went rancid after almost a year…  I go through slumps in baking, and sometimes take off a few months…

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