using starter straight from refrigerator

using starter straight from refrigerator

Hi, thank you all for the advice and support–I know my question has been asked but not exactly the same way and I have seen conflicting answers.

I got my little container of King Arthur Flour starer up and running and actually made a sprouted spelt sandwich loaf with it yesterday.  It came out fine, although there is room for improvement, and I am going to make another loaf tonight using a longer fermentation time. 

However, I am confused by different instructions regarding maintaining and using the starter.  Yesterday after I took what I needed for my first loaf, I fed it again and stuck it in the fridge, thinking I would return to baking next week.  Then, this morning, I changed my mind, took out a portion from the fridge and fed THAT little guy.  It has bubbled up and doubled and looks like it is ready to be used.

The patient man on the KAF hotline told me I needed to feed my starter within the past 12 hours before using it.  Eric of the famous Breadtopia videos discussed feeding the starter and getting it to a very active stage before using it, as in doubling within 4 to 6 hours.  But GAAARP, who posted the informative tutorial below, mentions she keeps her starer in the fridge, feeds it on Wednesdays and then takes out what she needs on Fridays and leaves it on the counter overnight before using it.  No mention of additional feedings.

 Thus, my confusion.  I plan to bake with it once a week, if that, and want to keep it in the fridge.  So when I take out what I need, should I feed the portion I intend to use?  And for the part that I put back in the fridge, I have read I can just feed it and stick it back in, but then I have also read other advice about leaving it out two hours after feeding it and then returning it to the refrigerator.

Thanks very much in advance.

I feel like I have a new pet.

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