(Very Amateur!) Starter Question

(Very Amateur!) Starter Question


I have been baking sourdough loaves with a French starter bought online, I’ve kept it at 100% hydration by removing half of it (discarding it most of the time unfortunately) and adding 50g water and 50g regular Bob’s Red Mill Unbleached Organic All-Purpose Flour every 24 hrs. I double feed it on the days I will bake since I use Tartine’s basic recipe. I use it 5-6h after feeding when it reaches the highest point (although based on the reading I did on this page I might want to wait a little longer).

Someone invited me to speak on a class on Tuesday about the process and teach people how to do it. To do this I would require 800g of starter and I’m wondering how the scaling would work to:
a) Have enough starter
b) Make it a reliable starter (since I cannot just keep my method of dumping half and re-feeding it since I think this would result in a large waste of flour)

I hope I explained myself appropriately and thanks in advance for any commentary that you have!

Source: Fresh Loaf