Vitamin to Help Hair Growth Poinst to Ponder

Roughly 50% of men and women in the U.S. experience some form of hair loss. It is a very common occurrence, and it can occur due to diseases such as thyroid disease, anemia and hormone imbalance. Hair loss can also occur due to vitamin deficiency. If you have difficulty growing healthy luxurious hair, increase your vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and Iron. It will help you get the hair you desire. However, ideally the best way to get vitamin to help hair growth is by eating a healthy meal consisting of fruits, vegetables and dairy. If this is not possible, taking a daily vitamin supplement or using natural products that have these vitamins should work.

Vitamin A stimulates hair growth and has natural ingredients that increase sebum production on the scalp, and help hair grow faster. Plus, the production of sebum stops hair loss. Many foods contain vitamin A including milk, meat, fish oil, eggs and, cheese just to name a few.

Vitamin C is known more for fighting infections, but it also facilitates hair growth and soothes the scalp. It produces collagen that strengthens the hair. It is also loaded with antioxidant that helps prevent hair breakage as well. You can buy many products that contain a high level of vitamin C, and eat foods such as pineapple, kiwi, and other citrus fruits to get your daily vitamin C.

Vitamin E helps the hair grow and promote a healthy scalp. It also repairs split ends and damaged hair caused by excessive heat from hair dryers and curling irons. Vitamin E can be added to the hair in small quantity on a daily basis to treat dry damaged hair shaft. However, to enhance hair growth, vitamin is more effective as a supplement or by eating foods enriched with vitamin E, a difficult.

Iron deficiency affects hair growth, especially for women of child-bearing age or people who eat little or no red meat. A diet with sufficient iron promotes hair growth by carrying oxygen to the hair, and cause the hair to grow. Generally, you can obtain the daily iron necessary when you eat foods such as egg yolk, lentils, spinach and chicken as well as other foods.

Hair loss might be a common occurrence, but it is a condition that you can overcome provided you increase your vitamin level.