Warm from the oven

Warm from the oven

is how my wife likes her bread, but I just can’t seem to be able to bake a loaf that can be cut as it comes out of the oven, without the center being gelatinous. My wife doesn’t like waiting for an hour or even a half hour for my bread to set. She was spoiled by a trip to the east coast where we stumbled on a tiny bakery that makes the Caribbean bread that I adored when I was there as a child.

They always severed that bread still warm from the oven, so warm that first timers would be warmed about steam burns when you first tore a piece of the bread off (yes it really was that steamy).

With what I think I’ve learned fro TFL in the past year, that bread should be gelatinous, but it isn’t, the crust is thin, crisp and very lightly colored (which is my wife favorite crust, no mahogany crusts for her) with an airy and fluffy interior. These breads can have crusts that are so light in color that they look like the par baked “take and bake” loaves you find in the supermarket.

From looking at the recipes here all they are making is french bread, but I’m perplexed, how so you make a loaf that is so delicately light, using a classic french bread recipe, that is still warm (kinda hot) and steamy when you serve it yet it seems to be completely baked on the inside.

What am I missing?

Source: Fresh Loaf