watery mess – after proofing

watery mess – after proofing

  Howdy everyone,

after searching on the forums I was unable to find an answer to our question.  Hopefully one of yall can shed some light on this.

My wife and I have had several failed attempts at making bread…. so much that we have not even made it to the baking part yet.  The recipe we are using (white no-knead) 3cups flour, 1 1/2 cups warm water, 1/4tsp yeast (instant) and 1 1/2tsp salt. Searching the internet this seems pretty standard.  We add everything into a bowl – stir (ends up just like the pictures and videos) – cover with plastic wrap and let rise for ~18 hours (usually in the oven, with it off of course).  When we go to take it out of the bowl there is a watery mess (about 1/4cup at the bottom) and the dough is unworkable.  After reading everyone said ‘its ok the dough should be sticky’ …. the wife calls it the same consistency as kid’s slime toy.  Is this normal?  We were going to try and add more flour but seemed like we were crushing all of the air out of it.

We do live in a humid climate (between 55-70%) but was not sure if that would be causing it.  Any information yall could give we would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,

 Sarah and Will

Source: Fresh Loaf