What a Locksmith in London Can Offer You

All home, apartment, and business owners can benefit from a professional locksmith. Locksmiths work to help people who are locked out of their homes, as well as people who are simply looking for added safety. Take a look at a few tips from locksmiths, and common questions customers ask.

When will you need a locksmith?

The most obvious reason to hire a locksmith is when you’ve been locked out of your home or business. A Locksmith in London has a number of keys that may be able to help you. You may also want to hire a locksmith if you want better security. For instance, a homeowner may have accidentally lost the keys to their home, and now they need to change all of the locks around the home to protect themselves from intruders.

Do you need re-keying or master keying?

Most home and businesses owners aren’t aware of the differences between re-keying and master keying. Re-keying is often used as a means of security. A home or business owner may need a locksmith to re-key the locks around their property in order to avoid giving someone else access. The re-keying process adjusts the tumblers in the current locks; readjusting the tumblers only allows for new keys to successfully unlock the lock.

On the other hand, master keying makes your current security situation much more convenient. If you have multiple locks around your property, you likely have a distinct key for each one. With master keying, two distinct keys will be able to open one lock. This is useful for businesses and facilities that need to limit access to certain areas. For example, in a business, while separate keys are needed to open the supply closet and private workroom, a master key can access both of these areas.

How do you deal with stubborn locks?

Every now and then, you’ll have a tough time putting your key in the keyhole. When keys can’t be put in and pulled out easily, it usually means there’s a rust issue inside of the lock. Instead of replacing the lock, simply use a penetrating oil to place inside of the keyhole. The oil will penetrate the lock and fix your rusting problems.