What Advantages Does 5 A Side Football Provide?

There is no doubt that sports offer a great way to get some much needed exercise. The trick is to find the sport that will provide all the benefits he individual desires. One possible option is to consider playing 5 a side football. Here are a few reasons why this could be the ideal choice.

Inside Play

The fact that this form of football requires a smaller field and a reduced number of team members in comparison to other forms of football meas it can be played year-round. In fact, many events take place inside venues like health clubs or gyms. Since there is never any concern about what the weather is doing, no one needs to worry about a game being called just because rain is falling.


The fact that this type of football includes four players and a goalkeeper on each team means the opportunity to build camaraderie with the rest of the team members is definitely there. Even though the playing field is much smaller, the degree of focus on the game and the ability to work together is essential if the team is to win. The bonds created by being part of the team can go a long way in making the sport all the more enjoyable to play.

Refreshing the Mind and the Body

This sport offers the opportunity to give the body a full workout, something that people who spend most of the day in offices need badly. The pace of the game will go a long way toward helping to keep the heart strong, and to tone up muscles. At the same time, the activity will also be good for the mind. Physical activity promotes a better emotional balance, an attribute that can make it all the easier to enjoy life on and off the field.

There is no down side to being involved in this type of sport. For people who want to learn more, take the time to find a local league and find out what it takes to get involved. In a short amount of time, the individual will be having a great time and reaping all the benefits that come with playing a sport.