What Are Canapes?

Canapés are bite-sized appetizers, which are traditionally served at parties and events. The toppings for these appetizers are typically savory; however, some people like to experiment with sweet flavors. The concept behind the canapé is to allow your guests to mingle, with a drink in their hand whilst enjoying the snack.

The word canapé is French, and is believed to represent the draping of the topping on the base. Traditionally the base for the canapé is some form of bread or cracker, which can be lightly toasted to create the perfect snack. When deciding on what to serve as canapés you need to consider the size of the appetizer you want to serve.

Geometric shapes are incredibly popular; this can help when you need to serve the canapés. You will be able to identify quickly what each topping includes. Deciding on the canapé toppings can seem daunting. However, if you keep it classic, you will create the perfect appetizer.

Canapé Topping Ideas

You need to ensure that you consider carefully what toppings you will use for your canapés, and ensure that they can be placed comfortably on the base. Many people like to use a thin layer of dairy-based spread, such as a flavored butter. This will help to keep your topping in place, and ensure that the little snack remains attractive.

When considering the question what are canapés, you may want to research the popular toppings which are used. Meat, fish, cheese and vegetables are all popular toppings, which will provide excellent flavors. Once you have placed your main focal point, the canapé will need to be garnished. This will ensure that your appetizer is full of flavor and decorative.

Appealing Garnishes

Popular garnishes include caviar, green onions, flavored oils, herbs and truffles. You want to ensure that the flavor you create is incredible, and that your guests want to try more of your amazing canapés. The two distinctive flavors that are used the most are salty and spicy, to complement the drinks which you are serving.

Many people, when they research what canapés are, will often discover that they can be served hot or cold, depending on the style of topping. If you are considering serving hot appetizers, they may need to be placed into a small dish. There are several unique ways to serve canapés, and experimenting with the different options of both flavors and serving methods can be very enjoyable.

Source by Victoria Haneveer