what did I do wrong

what did I do wrong

what did I do wrong 1

  baking sour dough Larry( (that is the sour dough I bough off e bay) floated when I put some in water so I thought it was ready to go
this is the recipe  I used 

77g starter
26g rye
193g white
4-5g oil
4-5g salt
150g water
teaspoon caraway seeds

 I used the no kneed method I proofed for 6 hours at room temp then in the refrigerator for 8 hours (over nite ) the proofed for 2 more hours at room temp
I then stretched and folded and shaped into a ball
 I let rest for 10 minutes then then put in a bowl and let proof for 45 minutes  it had a slow recovery when pocked so I baked it in a dutch oven , 20 minutes at 525f with the lid on   , the 10 minutes  at 425 with lid off the inside temp was then 207f so I took it out
 and let cool for 45 minutes and these are the pictures when I cut it  
 the bottom crust is perfict , the top needs to be a drop harder and darker , it was a little chewy (maybe doughy ) inside
 tasted great , how do I get it to raise more , it did not double during proofing but had a ton of oven spring

Source: Fresh Loaf