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Reasons to Start Eating Grass-fed Beef Considerations about eating grassfed beef is all about health and not just because it is something popular. We have this notion thinking all meats we get from the market are practically the same. We are not right. We never gave it a thought that the feeds have a direct correlation with the nutritional value of the food. The diet is perhaps one of the crucial factors when nutrition is taken into consideration. The notion helps us to realize the top reasons to eat grassfed beef. It is a known fact that meats that you eat may cause cancer. Cancer risk can be dropped if a person eats grassfed beef or meat each day. Conjugated linoleic acid can help reduce tumor growth according to some studies. It is possible to lower the risks of certain cancers with the help of grassfed beef and other organic food with some protection to the body and health. Women with low CLA levels are more prone to risks of breast cancer, compared to women with high levels, according to a Finnish study. Grassfed meats and other organic foods are rich in vitamin E that can help bring down the cancer risk. There are certain cancers related to free radicals and vitamin E can help slow down the damage. Also, grassfed meats have higher levels of Omega-3 which can help the heart and also bring down inflammation and depression as well. The ones that get a lot of Omega-3 may at less risk of Alzheimer’s disease. People with Omega-3 are less likely to have hypertension. Omega-3 can also help bring down bad cholesterol levels in the body. There have been some studies showing people with cancer and have a high level of Omega-3 can respond better to chemotherapy. The grass supplies most of the Omega-3 that people need.
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Grassfed meats are leaner than those who are not. Grassfed meat are leaner because they have less calories. Since there is less fat, there is less calories to contend with. Grassfed beef is generally have 100 calories less compared to grainfed beef. The world’s problem on health and weight can be solved if all of use start eating more grassfed meats.
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One of the best reasons to eat grassfed meat is the taste. You have to eat grassfed meat and compare how it can be tastier than non-grassfed meat. The aroma of grassfed meat is better than grainfed. The flavor could be attributed to the less disease risk of animals fed with grass. There is a lot of ways to get grassfed meats. The increased demand for grassfed enabled more stores to sell the meat. The Internet can be a huge resource to know and how to find a meat near you.