What Is The Best Home Coffee Maker – A Report On Consumer Opinions

Coffee being a popular beverage and energizer, coffee machines are found in every household. A number of home coffee makers are available in the market today and many of these units are cost effective. As all these appliances are available at the best value prices, one is often faced with a dilemma of choosing the best one from hundreds of the best coffee machine.

Public Votes the BUNN NHBX as the Best Coffee Maker At Home

User has voted unanimously for the BUNN NHBX -B 10-cup Home Coffee Brewer according to Amazon.com portal now. The 4.5 stars out of 5 rating make the result reliable and vouch for the fact that the machine is a hit amongst the public. More than 450 real users rated till now.

Why the Bunn NHBX-B got the highest vote

There are quite a number of reasons as to why people have loved the appliance and made it the best among the others available.

The Bunn NHBX-X ensures that the coffee is at its best and it tastes really good. There are two water tanks that are incorporated within the appliance. One tank needs filling every time coffee is brewed and the other tank ensures that the water it contains remains heated through the day, unless it is put on vacation mode. The effect this system has on the process of coffee making makes it stand out- whereas the other machines in the market take 4-8 minutes to prepare a steaming hot cup of coffee, this coffee maker cuts short the time to about 3 minutes!

The brewing speed is further aided by the fact that the amount of water which is distributed into the filter basket at one time is more in comparison to the normal ones. The filters that are contained within the coffee machine are larger in order to be able to withstand the pressure of the excess water.

As only three minutes are required to prepare the coffee, the Bunn NHBX-X is able to prepare the beverage without making it too bitter. The flavor is retained and these results in the great taste.

Machines that devote longer periods of time to brewing cause the coffee to achieve a bitter taste due to over exposure of the ground coffee beans to the steam. Bitter tasting coffee is especially common in appliances which brew for over 6 minutes.

The superb taste is further amplified by the fact that this machine has a unique design. This ensures that the ideal amount of turbulence is applied for suspension of coffee beans. Occasionally, a thorough extraction of flavor is obtained and this gets the coffee lingering on the taste buds. With coffee makers belonging to the same price range, the extraction process is uneven as water drips through without proper exposure at all parts.

Disadvantages of BUNN NHBX

Like all things, the best home coffee maker also comes with certain disadvantages. There might be greater consumption of electricity as a result of the 24X7 heating of the water tank. If the heat supply is cut off, fifteen whole minutes will be required to heat up the water the next time around. It is best to turn the heat supply on before brewing and leaving the machine on only during those periods when you want to prepare coffee for multiple people. The tall and robust filters pose a disadvantage in one way as these are not easily available. They need to be ordered over the internet and would thereby require much more time to be delivered. These special filters are expensive as well. However, these disadvantages are minor when one considers the larger good. The taste and quality of coffee compensate for each of these.

With all the advantages that this device has over others of its kind over the coffee making process, it is no doubt a clear winner in the category of the best home coffee maker.

Source by Riti Tsur