What Is the Best Panasonic Massage Chair?

Choosing a massage chair is not always an easy process. You want to choose a chair that will fully meet your needs and give you the comfort and therapy you desire. Panasonic is one of the top manufacturers of massage chairs. They have been manufacturing these chairs for over forty years and have put in a lot of research to ensure their chairs are of the highest quality. Through this Panasonic massage chair review, you will learn more about the top models of Panasonic massage chairs so you can know what to look for.

  • The Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Series has been the most popular model this year. This massage chair works to massage every muscle in your body. The chair features a quadruple stretch mechanism, which allows for a deep massage in the areas of your shoulders, pelvis, legs and neck. A new 3D kneading technology has been added to massage the palms of your hand and the soles of your feet. The chair offers seven different types of massages, including Tapping, Swedish,Gentle, Rolling, Shiatsu, Kneeding and Ultra Kneeding. This is sure to give you the full body massage you need after a grueling day.
  • The Panasonic Urban Collection is also a popular choice. These chairs offer you full body massage to relieve aching muscles and improve blood circulation. This chair has a chiro mode, which allows you to gain the benefits of a chiropractic treatment without leaving your home. You can choose from the pre-programmed settings or customize your massage through eight different manual settings. The chair operates by remote and is simple to use. You simply lie back, choose your setting and feel the relaxing massage action. Many users equate the feel of this machine to having their own personal masseuse.

Many people choose the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra because it is approved by the American Chiropractic Association. When you are deciding on a massage chair, consider these features and decide which one offers what you need. By trying the chairs out and reading up on reviews, you can make the best decision on purchasing your massage chair.