What to Put on Your Cafe Menu

When opening a new cafe there are so many things to consider – decor, staff, suppliers, not to mention the menu! In fact, the menu is a huge factor that should be considered very carefully to ensure you have repeat customers. Here we discover what to think about when compiling a cafe menu.


Entree items should be small starters or something that a table can share. Because cafes are supposed to be an informal dining experience, it’s important to keep your menu items simple and classic, sometimes with an edgy twist if you have an adventurous chef! Great items to include in your menu are:

* Fries with aioli – an easy option that the table can order to share

* Dips with bread – another simple, shareable choice

* Soup of the day – change this up regularly to reflect the seasons vegetables

* Garden salad – for those who are health conscious (or trying to be!)

* Sandwiches or Panini – select a range of fillings for patrons to choose from. These are great to have ready-made and are easy to prepare in advance


Mains are a bit trickier and take a little more thought. As they are a larger meal, they need to be hearty and filling, but also shouldn’t take too much time to prepare beforehand. Many people will often choose what they are eating that day based on what the weather is like. Here are some perfect “main” options to have on your menu:

* Burger with fries – simple, easy and always a winner

* Sushi plate- if it’s a hot day, there’s nothing better than a tasty hand roll to munch on

* Pasta – like the soup, change this on a regular basis to reflect the fresh produce that is in season

* Pie – chicken, beef or vegetable pies are always favoured on cold, rainy days

* Warm Chicken Caesar Salad – A bit more filling than just a garden salad and always a healthy alternative to the heavier menu items


The cake fridge is always the place where people will venture when they need a sugar hit to go with their coffee. It’s always important to buy or make cakes that will sell quickly as the dessert cabinet is seen as a treat, not a must have with every meal. Some scrumptious cake options to try are:

* Chocolate cake – everyone loves chocolate! Give patrons a twist with a cake like choc-coffee to make things really interesting

* Orange and poppy seed – for those who love their citrus, orange and poppy seed will give a bit of sweetness and tang all in one mouthful

* Lemon meringue pie – You can’t go past a traditional cafe dessert that has always been a favourite!

Source by Janes Taylors