Where am I going wrong?

Where am I going wrong?

Submitted by Thefreshmarksman on September 2, 2015 – 12:47am.

Hello everyone I’ve just signed up to the fresh loaf, I’ve been looking in here to try and help fix my bread but haven’t gotten anywhere. 

Basically every time I make bread I get this Sort of texture (picture shown above). I want to make a basic loaf tin sort of bread that doesn’t always require a loaf tin. 

I think in this one there’s too much oil, if anyone could help id be forever happy. 

My recipe which ive been changing lots over the past 6 months but isn’t getting better is this:

450grams of flour (tescos finest)

320 of UHT milk

14 grams of yeast (5grams of sugar to activate yeast)

one teaspoon of salt 

12grams of lard

15 grams of olive oil 

I put flour and salt in mixer. Heat milk and add yeast and sugar to active yeast. I then add these too the flour with the lard and mixer with dough hook. 

I then let it prove and spread oil around the mixing bowl. After an hour I flatten and let it prove on a stone plate for 30mins, pop it in the oven for 1 hour on 150 and voila. 


Its not awful bread but I want a light, fluffy, prefect for toast or by itself with a bit of butter sort of bread.


Thanks 🙂