Whole Wheat Levain: Round Two

Whole Wheat Levain: Round Two

Submitted by KathyF on August 14, 2015 – 7:39pm.

So, my first loaf turned out really well. But I thought maybe I would tweak it a bit and see if I could adjust the flavor a bit. The original recipe for the levain was 35% in the final build. I decided to up it to 50% so that more of the whole wheat flour would be in the preferment. Certainly made for a very active dough. I only bulk fermented for a little over 2 hours and the final rise was a little over an hour.

I also added butter (actually, I had added butter in the first loaf too), diastatic malt, and a little honey. I have to say, I think the malt and honey added just a touch of sweetness that worked really well with the whole wheat flour. I liked it a lot.

Here is a crumb shot:

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