Why Homemade Bread Is Healthier Than Store Bought

There are a lot of reasons to make homemade bread instead of store bought, such as the fact that it tastes better and that it fills your house with a wonderful aroma. But another great reason to always make your bread at home is that it is much healthier for you than eating what they sell in stores.

Many modern diets advise people to be wary of bread. This is usually based on what most commercial breads can do to your body. There are ways to make bread at home that is much more health conscious.

One of the main benefits of homemade bread is the lack of preservatives.

Large commercial bread companies have to ship their product over a very large area, and it takes them a lot of time. From the time their bread is made, it first has to be packaged both in individual bags and into larger containers for mass shipping. Then it all has to be loaded onto a truck, and driven to its destination. Then it all has to be unloaded and stocked neatly on the shelves of your local grocery store.

Once all of this has been done, fresh and high quality breads would have been past their prime, if not outright expired. So to combat against this, large commercial bread companies must pump their bread full of preservatives to keep their bread "fresh" for a longer duration of time.

But the question is … if these unnatural preservatives are able to cheat time and keep the bread from breaking down the way it normally does, then how is your body supplied to digest it?

Large bread companies do not produce their product primarily with your health in mind; they just want to be as cost effective as possible. If that means making bread unhealthy so that it will last longer on the shelves, then so be it. Which brings us to our next point.

Another big factor that makes homemade bread much healthier, is that you know exactly was being put into it. Foods are now required to have labels that tell you what was used to make them, but some are difficult to read or are intentally vague. For instance, some commercial breads claim to be gluten free; when in truth they're using the term "gluten free" a bit loosely.

When you make bread yourself, you know every ingredient that is being put into the recipes. You can adjust recipes to cater to certain diets. You can make bread with gluten free ingredients, you can control how much fiber the bread has, and how little sugar and preservatives.

The fact that homemade bread just tastes better can also work to your advantage. With bland bread from a store, you often find yourself smearing butter on it just so that it will have taste. But if the bread you're eating tastes good to begin with, you can enjoy it while adding less to it, if anything at all.

When you really think about it, store bought bread can never compete against home.

Source by Kenneth R