Why It’s Good for Women to Walk

Walking is good for you. Everyone knows this so why don’t more women walk. Perhaps she doesn’t know the specific reasons why walking is good for her so we provided a few reason below.

As time changes, people become busier and they spend more hours sitting than walking. This leads to weight gain and other health problems. Walking can reverse that.

Why Walking is Good for You

Brain Power

Studies show women who walk more increase cognitive activity in the brain. That means walking is a no-brainer.

Healthy Bones

Experts say that walking slows down the rate of bone loss in postmenopausal women. Likewise, older women who adopt a daily walking routine have higher whole bone density than women who don’t walk


Incidents of women having heart attacks are more common. Walking is one of the best activities to protect against heart disease. It’s a same that more women aren’t doing it.

Stress and Depression

When you move more the body, produce endorphins that ease stress and depression. You feel better and this natural drug is yours anytime you want.


Research has shown that walking can reduce a women’s risk of breast cancer by 18%. It only takes three times a week at 30-minute intervals.

Walking is just as effective in short bouts, say 10 minute intervals as it is in longer 30 minute sessions so there’s really no excuse not to work.

Easy to Get Started

For those people who have functioning legs, walking doesn’t take much to start. It can be done in doors on a treadmill or outside and it only takes comfortable clothing and a good pair of walking shoes.

Easy on the Joints

Unlike runny and other strenuous exercises, walking is easy on the joints, which means less knee problems in the future. Walking can lead to a better quality of life. To learn more about the proper shoes for walking and weight loss visit http://womenswalkingshoereview.com/fat-loss-factor-review.

Getting Started

Getting started is as easy as walking out your front door. Walk for 15 minutes, turn, and walk back. Do this every day for a week. Increase 10 minutes each week. Once can walk for 30 minute with ease in each direction, pick up the pace. The most important rule is to get started and don’t give up.