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Why Should You Try Out Massage Therapy? For the past years, researchers have been investigating the benefits of massage therapy in the medical, physical and emotional aspects. As indicated in their findings, it is helpful in the many aspects of daily human life. Here is a list of the proven benefits that you can have from this therapy. Massage therapy has been observed to help a relaxed state of mental alertness, foster peach of mind, increase the ability to monitor stress signals and respond immediately, help relieve mental stress, decrease the levels of anxiety and increase awareness of mind-body connection. It can also help in the significant decrease in anxiety and respiratory rates when medical students were massaged before taking an exam. The same thing happens to cancer patients who were found to have similar decrease in their anxiety levels. Several researches have shown results that office workers who receive regular massage have better performances at their tasks than those who did not receive regular massage. These workers were found as well to be more alert and less stressed rather than those who weren’t regularly massaged. In an additional study made on autistic children, it showed that massage could promote a drop in the erratic behavior, which is usual among autistic individuals.
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It is fairly common that pregnant women undergo massage therapy in order to alleviate the discomfort associated with pregnancy. Athletes also undergo frequent massage in to ease muscle pain following an intense game. It has been proven to reduce pain and swelling caused by strained muscles and sprained ligaments. Also, it helps relieve headaches related to tension and even to eye strain.
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Massage therapy is also beneficial for rehabilitation and healing. It can allow to stimulate weak and inactive muscles that can lead to a faster, more complete recovery from an illness or injury and evade muscle deterioration. It has also been observed to promote weight gain in both premature and HIV-exposed infants. If you want to improve blood circulation and lymph fluid movement, decrease blood pressure and strengthens the immune, you should have massage therapy. People who receive it often will sense greater joint flexibility and range of motion. It improves athletic performance, health and nourishment of the skin, posture, and deeper and easier breathing. Besides the medical and physical benefits, massage therapy is most distinguished for its emotional benefits. Most of the ailments among people these days are linked to stress. While it has been found to be efficient to reduce stress and anxiety, massage has also been proven to lessen the symptoms and feelings of depression. Based on studies, women who have just experienced the death of a child are far less depressed when massaged. A weekly massage session is also useful for people who count on medications to ease the symptoms of anxiety or depression.