Why Women With Flat Feet Need Extra Arch Support

Many people suffer from flat feet for a variety of reasons. Having flat feet reduces the amount of support one’s body receives as one walks. There are shoes build just for women who have flat feet that provide extra support.

Flat feet are when one’s arches have collapsed. Many things cause people’s arches to collapse. Sometimes it is a related to a genetic predisposition. Other times, one’s muscles can become weak causing their arches to collapse. Flat feet do not prevent people from doing day-to-day activities. However, more strenuous activities and exercise can cause extra strain and injury to people who have flat feet.

The arch is a very important part of one’s foot. The arch acts like a natural spring for one’s foot. It distributes one’s weight evenly every time one takes a step. When someone has collapsed arches, there is nothing in place to distribute weight evenly as one walks. Instead, when one’s foot hits the ground, it causes one’s lower leg to rotate inward and causes one’s knees to point inward as well, instead of staying straight. Over time, this can lead to strain on one’s body as well as knee and foot issues.

To correct the problem of flat feet, one needs to wear special shoes to reduce the shock one’s body feels when they walk and perform exercises. Womens walking shoes for flat feet are specifically designed to give one’s body extra support and cushion. Generally, walking shoes for flat feet include an inbuilt arch in the sole of the shoe that imitates the natural curve of one’s foot. This helps protect the body from experiencing shock.

For those who do not have a lot of money to spend, the Saucony Grid Omni Walker provides great support for a small investment. Saucony’s shoes provide extra stability for one’s heel as well as superior cushion with their duel density impulse EVA mid-sole material. They also provide excellent traction. For those with more money to spend, the New Balance WW928 provides superior support and comfort. The N-Ergy mid-soles provide lots of cushion and support for walking. Podiatrists for women with flat feet commonly reccommend these shoes.

People with flat feet lack adequate arch support. However, the right walking shoes can provide all the support one needs to enjoy walking again. Saucony Grid Omni Walker and New Balance WW928 are both great shoes for women with flat feet.