Why You May Want To Stay Away From Non-Organic Foods

When it comes to organic food everyone seems to have their own opinion. Some people think that organic foods can help to improve a person’s health. Other people believe that organic foods are no healthier than the non-organic foods you can find practically anywhere. Some people think that buying organic is too costly, while others believe it’s relatively inexpensive. The following are just a few reasons why you might want to reconsider purchasing non-organic foods.

For starters, a lot of non-organic foods are grown with the use of pesticides. Although this practice is very common, many people believe that pesticides are very dangerous for things like fruits and vegetables. While farmers often use pesticides in order to destroy and deter pests, these pesticides can often be passed on to consumers.

Aside from potential dangerous pesticides, many farmers also use a number of questionable chemicals. Things like fertilizers and herbicides are often used to control and grow crops. Although this can be very beneficial and cost effective for farmers, this practice can be dangerous for consumers as well. These particular chemicals have been linked to various types of diseases, such as hypertension, infertility and even cancer. You can read about Hampton Creek here in order to learn about the other diseases linked to these types of chemicals.

Added chemicals aren’t the only things that consumers have to worry about. These days, various types of foods are being genetically modified by farmers and manufacturers. Why? In most cases, foods are genetically engineered in order to grow faster or be more resistant to certain threats, such as pests and weather. Although this practice helps farmers and manufacturers it could be harmful to consumers. However, the verdict is still out on whether or not genetically modified foods are too dangerous for your health.

These are just a handful of the reasons more consumers should reconsider the kinds of foods that they are bringing into their homes. Again, with organic foods you won’t have to worry about dealing with excess pesticides. By avoiding non-organic foods you also avoid certain dangerous fertilizers that could affect your health. Lastly, foods that have been engineered are supposedly good for your health. However, some people prefer eating organically in order to stay as safe as possible.