would love to hear from other Ankarsum Assistant users

would love to hear from other Ankarsum Assistant users

Hi Ankarsum assistant users. I got my Assistant from a fellow TFLer and love it. Had some anxiety to let go of my proof-en work horse, a 23 year old Oster mixer, which has served me well for all this time and has mixed probably more than 1000 loaves of bread. It still works like a charm. My only small complaint was about the amount of dough (max 2.5kg) it would handle and this only  with quite a bit of help. I am selling my bread at the farmers market and wanted to be a little bit more efficient with my time and my oven. Now I already love my Ankarsum (my Oster still in the kitchen under a towel) but i would like to hear from other users what were your challenges, what did you learn when start using this machine (so I don’t have to invent the wheel myself 🙂 ).

So far, I am using the dough hook, don’t really know when to use the roller, don’t know the function of the moving arm (while mixing), how long to mix, mixing speed……………..etc.

Would love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance   Barbara

Source: Fresh Loaf