Zo Ingredient Order

Zo Ingredient Order

I recently upgraded to a Zo Virtuoso (thank you, Mom!) and have a question about the order of ingredients. Zo seems to basically adhere to the wet, then dry approach, with the exception of fats, which go in last before yeast. 

Does anyone know why they do it this way? I normally use melted butter or oil in my sandwich breads, and my other machines had those added with the liquids. Do you think it will make a difference in the final loaf? My only thought is that fat floating on the water might act as a barrier between the liquid and flour, possibly preventing some early happy-to-meet-you interaction during the Rest phase. 

I’m loving my Zo, but this one little change is giving me fits, as I’d become so used to adding things in a certain order.  It made sense to me because I’ve always though of fats as semi-liquids. I’ll get used to it soon enough, I’m sure, but have noted that most machine recipes seem to call for fats before dry ingredients. 

In the meantime, I keep reminding myself how much better the Zo is at baking soft sandwich loaves. I can bake them right in the machine, even with the delay timer, and they come out perfect, not over-baked and crusty like bread from the other (bye-bye!) machines. Sweet!


Source: Fresh Loaf